Movie and Theatre Reviews

Movie Review: ‘Buck Run’

It’s really about the performances and both Le Gros and Lyons are wonderful. And director Frangione really seems to know this world, showing its bleakness in every scene. 

Movie Review: ‘Philophobia’

The film, which screened at the San Diego Film Festival, features a fantastic cast of young actors that are sure to make their mark.

Theatre Review: ‘Anastasia’

The performances, however, won’t be the only thing you’ll be talking about after the show. The physical set, which is basically just an arch, is benefited by multiple on-stage projections

Movie Review: Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Joker’

Joker isn’t one of those films where you leave the theater energized. You’re beaten down and exhausted. But for a film to have that effect on you these days is quite a feat.

Movie Review: ‘Downton Abbey’

For anyone who watched every episode of every season of Downton Abbey, the new film will be like a warm, comfortable blanket that you pulled out of storage.

Movie Review: ‘The Goldfinch’

The cast is great. Jeffrey Wright as Hobie has a short monologue about restoring furniture and it’s honestly the best thing in the film.

Movie Review: ‘Before You Know It’

With a note perfect cast, quick-witted script and direction to match, Before You Know It, Hannah Pearl Utt’s marks a terrific directorial debut.

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