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If you’re like most actors, then it’s probably safe to say you’ve done the ‘crazy monologue scramble’ more than a couple of times. You have an audition and find out you need a monologue, so you desperately start to search the internet and find a handful, but not one that really fits you. Well, we’re here to help! We have a huge contemporary monologue database that’ll help you find the perfect monologue. And, we’re adding more and more entries every day!

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Tips on Finding a Monologue:

  • Choose a monologue that’s right for you. Something that is age and gender appropriate. A piece that fits your “type” as an actor.
  • Keep it short! In most auditions, you’ll only be performing for 1 or 2 minutes. Short monologues are always best!
  • Pick a monologue that is in the moment. Try not to do a piece that has you telling a story. Look for a monologue where the character wants something from the other actor. Where you have an objective and where something is happening at that very moment.
  • Choose something that has an arc. Find a monologue that has a clear beginning, middle and end. Tell a story and don’t bore your audience!
  • Funny is best! When in doubt, always try and find a monologue with humor in it. It doesn’t have to be a flat-out comedy, but something where you can make someone smile, even in a dramatic piece is always recommended.
  • If you can, always read the full play or script! In most cases, I’ve added links to the full screenplay (if it’s a movie monologue) or Amazon where you can purchase the play. If it’s a well-known play, you can even try and find it at your local library. Libraries are a great resource for finding plays.

[button link=”” text_color=”#ffffff” color=”#dd3333″]Submit a monologue![/button] Do you have a monologue you’d like to send our way? Send it to us and if we use it, we’ll credit you with a link to your actors’ website, twitter or Facebook page! Be sure to send us the proper information (Type, Gender, Age Range, Summary, etc).

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