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We here at Daily Actor have compiled a list of some of the top Los Angeles headshot photographers because we know that finding the right photographer can, at times, be a huge task. We want the best headshot we can get, we want to shoot with the best or hottest photographer around while at the same time, not spending the money we need for this months rent. We’ve shot in photographers backyards and living rooms, on the side of streets and intersections and (the much preferred) studio all in search of the perfect professional headshot.

Every actor is different, just like the photographers below. But, they are the best in town – just like we assume you are!

Here are some quick tips to remember when choosing a photographer:

  • Find a photographer you’ll be comfortable shooting with. We’re all busy, so if you can’t meet the photographer in person, at the very least, talk with them on the phone. We don’t recommend meeting with them for the first time on the day of your shoot. To get the best headshot, you’ve absolutely be comfortable with your photographer!
  • Look carefully at their website and portfolio. You can get a lot from the look and feel of someone’s website. If the website looks thrown together and not well-made, that’s a tell. Also, if you see actor headshots in their portfolio that you don’t like, that’s also a tell. FYI, we’ve made sure not to include any photographers like that in our list. We just want to help you out in case you find someone not listed here.
  • Pricing. Always look at the pricing options. “It costs how much for 2 prints and re-touching??” I’ve had friends that have had that happen to. Don’t be that friend!

And don’t forget to always ask questions like:

  • How many changes of clothes do I bring?
  • How much for hair and make-up?  And guys, if you’re asked if you want hair and make-up, the answer is always ‘Yes.’ Trust me on this.
  • How many shots will they take? And how many shots do I get to process?
  • How much is retouching?

So, if you’re looking for that perfect headshot, L.A. has some of the best around! Check them out below!

The Best Headshot Photographers in Los Angeles

(Updated 8/19/21)

Bella Saville Photography

“We believe that your headshots should look like you and feature what you have to offer to potential clients. By highlighting your style and marketing your strengths, you’ll leave with headshots that you love and will book work.”

Brad Buckman

“We want you to have an awesome experience, get great new headshots, and get more auditions. Our mission is to get you noticed so you can book the roles you want. And we love watching our clients succeed.”

Bradford Rogne

Chris Evan Photography

Dana Patrick

David Muller Photography

“Because of his many years of experience, David is all too familiar with the preparation and anticipation that goes into a headshot session. He cares deeply that his clients are comfortable and end up with great shots that will further their careers!”

Jeff Ellingson Photography

“Jeff is on the preferred photographer list of many top talent agencies in Los Angeles for a reason. As an actor himself, he provides direction during a photo shoot instead of just making you pose. This makes it so your photos tell a story instead of just looking like another pretty face.”

Joanna DeGeneres Photography

“My goal is to create a safe, kind, creative, fun space for your best work and give you a final image that you can submit to an agent and casting director with confidence that you look like that picture and are representing yourself with truth to achieve whatever your next level is.”

Kenneth Dolin

“Most photographers ask you to pose. I get you to stop posing. My images are about portraiture, not caricature. They are honest and straight forward, but with depth, connection and a light in the eyes. I eschew the idea of extreme “types” or looks and prefer truthful representations.”

Laura Burke Photography

“I love to create different moods for each individual character with environment and lighting that showcase your abilities!”

Marc Cartwright Headshots

“I believe that knowing how to direct an actor during a headshot session, to help reveal their personality and marketability, is the most important skill that a professional headshot photographer should possess.”

Shandon Photography

“With an eye for style and a talent for capturing each client’s charisma and unique spirit, Shandon quickly became the top choice for many of Hollywood’s most reputable talent agencies, managers and casting directors.”

Stephanie Girard

Vanie Poyey

“I’m after images that show you full of life, not vacant stares. If you don’t like to pose for the camera, you’ve definitely found the right photographer!”

WeHo Headshots

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