2024’s Best Acting Schools with BFA Programs

BFA Acting Colleges

Choosing the right Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Acting Program can be a daunting task given the multitude of options available across the country. Each program is meticulously designed to provide aspiring actors with comprehensive training and the best possible preparation for a career in the performing arts. The key is to find a program that aligns with your individual needs and aspirations.

When evaluating potential schools, several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure you make an informed decision:

TRAINING: The quality of training is paramount. Each BFA acting program listed below offers a robust curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience, equipping students with the essential skills needed for success in the industry. It’s beneficial to speak with alumni to gain insights into their experiences and outcomes.

LOCATION: Location plays a significant role in your decision-making process. Whether you prefer the vibrant theater scenes of New York and Los Angeles or a quieter, yet equally enriching environment in places like North Carolina, it’s crucial to choose a setting that complements your personal and professional goals.

CONNECTIONS: The connections you make during your studies can prove invaluable. Building relationships with peers and faculty members can provide crucial support and open doors as you navigate your career path.

While a BFA acting degree does not guarantee success as a working actor, it undoubtedly provides a solid foundation and a competitive edge in the demanding world of acting.

Our List of the Best Acting Schools with BFA Acting Programs

Boston, MA
“The program curriculum stresses the development of imagination, intellect, physical and vocal skills, technique, and professional behavior. This allows students to create a wide range of roles in performances of varying styles.”

Valencia, CA
“The training we provide is designed to educate the whole person and to prepare fully equipped theater artists to enter and transform the field.”

Pittsburgh, PA
“Graduates have made indelible contributions to the national and international arts communities as practicing artists, crafts persons, educators, theorists, entrepreneurs, administrators and arts innovators.”

New York, NY
“It is defined by its location in New York City, and by the extensive network of Columbia alumni and faculty who run prestigious Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional theatres; direct and perform in Tony- and other award-winning productions; and teach, mentor and engage with students beyond the classroom.”

Chicago, IL
“The Theatre School’s four-year Acting program focuses on expanding your range of knowledge and expression of performance — providing you with skills and techniques to improve acting, movement, voice and speech abilities.”

New York, NY
“Daily intensive class work in acting, movement, voice, and additional aspects of the craft, is integrated into learning and interpreting a wide range of dramatic repertoire.”

Chicago, IL
“Our belief is that the best theatre artists—designers, actors, playwrights, dancers and directors—combine highly developed performance capabilities with a broad knowledge of the theatre literature and theory.”

New York, NY
“Tisch Drama is dedicated to giving you the artistic and intellectual know-how for a successful life in the performing arts.”

San Diego, CA
“The professional actor training program is designed to take advantage of training and performance opportunities made available by The Old Globe. Students’ performance work in the Globe’s professional productions is much more than an added attraction, it is the centerpiece of the training.”

New Brunswick, NJ
“The training consists of intensive studio classes, a rigorous core curriculum and fully-supported productions. This combination of activities is designed to give our students a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of their craft.”

New Brunswick, NJ
“Undergraduates put classroom theory into practice through productions and various special opportunities, including Wednesday Lab, study abroad, and numerous community engagement initiatives.”

Los Angeles, CA
“The Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater provides a liberal arts education and pre-professional training in a comprehensive program that uniquely combines the study of the arts, humanities and sciences with exploration of the principal areas of theater practice”

San Diego, CA
“The innate talent of the student is nurtured, coaxed and challenged with individual attention from an extraordinary team of professionals and specialists in actor training.”

Winston-Salem, NC
“For 50 years, the School of Drama at UNCSA has produced some of the most captivating, versatile and successful actors in theatre, film and television.”

Los Angeles, CA
“Through programs of the highest caliber, as well as initiatives that provide access to professional experience, students are prepared for leadership in every facet of dramatic arts.”

New Haven, CT
“Students are admitted based on talent and potential for a career in the professional theatre; graduates of the School are known for their accomplishments on the legitimate stage, in film and television, and a variety of other creative fields.”

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