Acting Classes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Acting Classes

There are so many acting classes in Los Angeles, that finding the right acting class that’ll fit you and your needs will take some time. Do you want a class that teaches auditioning, on-camera or cold reading? What kind of technique do you want to study: Method, Meisner, Stanislavski? What ever you’re looking for, Los Angeles has so many classes to choose from!

Below is our current list of favorite acting classes. Take a look and some time to check them out. If you like what you see, go to the studio, audit a class and then make your decision.

The Best Acting Classes in Los Angeles

Andrew Wood Acting Studio

Andrew Wood Acting Studio - Los Angeles“The culture at Andrew Wood Acting Studio emphasizes dedication, commitment, excellence, collegiality, and a love of dramatic writing and the challenge of embodying it.”


The Art of Acting Studio

Art of Acting Studio - Los Angeles“The Studio believes that acting becomes vital, exciting, and alive when actors do their own thinking and bring a point of view or a sense of mission to their work.”


Baron Brown Studio

Baron Brown Studio - Los Angeles Acting Classes“A specific training program designed to create an emotionally alive actor of depth, imagination, and truth.”


Berg Studios

Berg Studios Acting Class - Los Angeles“Our studio is dedicated to cultivating your talent and imaginative work while focusing on building a repeatable technique for every genre.


Beverly Hills Playhouse

Beverly Hills Playhouse - Acting Class, Los Angeles“The BHP strives to train each actor in real-person-real-place, behavior-oriented, moment-to-moment acting work in the tradition of the great American actors.”


Christinna Chauncey

“With over 25 years of professional experience working both in front of the camera and behind the scenes in casting, she’s become known as the coach who helps bridge the gap in perspectives between the actor and the power decision makers (casting director, writers, producers, director, studio, network) demystifying the process and giving actors the strategy, technique and confidence needed to turn auditions into bookings.”


Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio

Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio - Los Angeles“Grounded in the foundations of The Meisner Technique, our focus is on strengthening the actor’s imagination, expanding their emotional range, and discovering what makes them unique. It is your uniqueness that is your most valuable asset as an actor.”


Guy Camilleri Acting Studio

“Guys’ work has empowered Academy Nominated actors, Emmy-winning directors, and Writers Guild of America – Independent Spirit Award-nominated screenwriters”


John Rosenfeld StudiosJohn Rosenfeld Studios - Los Angeles Acting Class

“John’s mission since he started teaching has been to create a safe, yet challenging, environment where actors can find an expedited solution to finding their unique voice and to avoid wasting time towards their ultimate goal. Working.”


Krater Studios

Krater Studios - Los Angeles Acting Class““My Goal is to get actors to listen, truly listen, to take risks and to tell the truth.” – Jen Krater


L.A. On-Camera Training Center

LA On-Camera Training Center - Acting Class“Using techniques conceived and developed alongside producers, directors, and other working actors, everyone at LA On Camera teaches a very simple, hands-on approach to creating amazing on-camera performances, that seeks to take the fear and mystery out of working in front of the camera”


Lesly Kahn and Co.

Lesly Kahn - Acting Class, Los Angeles“Master a unique way of approaching text and character that enables you not only to access your best acting, but to book work. Even under pressure.”


The Lyndon Technique

The Lyndon Technique - Los Angeles Acting Class“You can be the greatest actor in the world, but if you don’t know how to audition, well then, you won’t have the opportunity to act.”


Margie Haber Studio

Margie Haber Studio - Los Angeles Acting Class“Our workshops and acting classes are all on-camera for film and television and set up through the ‘lens’ of an audition – learn to create lives that are specific and full, quickly.”


Marjorie Ballentine

“Marjorie inspires actors by individually working with each student at his or her level — from movie star to series regular to Broadway actor to students fresh out of school. Marjorie’s youthful exuberance inspires her actors and demands from them the work ethic of a seasoned professional.”


Michael Laskin Studio

Michael Laskin Studio - Los Angeles Acting Class“Sharpening your skill-set and mating it with your ever-expanding knowledge of self, helps build the bridge from class to the real world – where art meets commerce.”


Robert D’Avanzo

“I am seeking blood and guts actors, actors who will commit to self and craft, who want the stamp of truth on everything they say and do. Real things happening to real people. If this sounds like a class environment you’re looking for then call me.”


The Ruskin School of Acting

Ruskin School of Acting - Los Angeles“The Ruskin School of Acting is particularly mindful of fostering a safe and nurturing environment in which actors can explore themselves deeply. We know that one’s ability to reveal directly relates to the amount of safety they feel. All the exercises that we do in our program help the actor to experience new parts of themselves.”


Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio

Speiser Sturges Acting Studio - Los Angeles“Speiser/Sturges is a supportive community of actors and teachers dedicated to helping you become the best actors and artists you can be. We believe your time at our studio will inspire you and transform you.”


Stan Kirsch Studios

Stan Kirsch Studios - Los Angeles Acting Class“Our endeavor is to train actors to make strong, text-based choices based not simply on a role itself, but the material’s genre, network, director and writer…all in an effort to book the job and excel at it! ”


Stuart Rogers Studios

“Stuart Rogers’ Studios has trained actors and directors for almost two decades with his unique style of instruction, guiding them to artistic freedom and performance excellence. ”


The Taylor Studio

The Taylor Studio - Acting Class Los Angeles“We teach artists how to utilize their individual uniqueness and life experience, fully exploring their Depth; how to engage in committed play and acceptance, strengthening the Imagination; and how to both practice and demand authenticity, fortifying their commitment to Truth.”


Warner Loughlin Studios

Warner Loughlin Studios - Los Angeles Acting ClassThe Warner Loughlin Technique for Drama preserves the actor’s privacy and emotional health, while bringing new levels of passion and creativity to the work. Her innovative approach gives actors a safe and effective way to access emotion and create extremely nuanced and unique performances.


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