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Review: ‘Ann’ at the Vivian Beaumont Theater (NYC)

The best way to describe Ann, Holland Taylor’s one-woman show about former governor of Texas Ann Richards that she both wrote and stars in, is what the Hall of Presidents in Disney World would be like if instead of a robotic Barack Obama the host was a Texas-twanged white-haired lady who didn’t care that she was on a stage in the family-friendliest theme park in the world.

Review: ‘#hero’ at The Chain Theatre (NYC)

The biggest compliment I can give the cast and crew of #hero is that the approximately 110 minute play is just too short to fully tackle the full potential of these characters.

Review: ‘Love Song’ at the Sargent Theater (NYC)

New York City’s The Seeing Place has constantly demonstrated that what it offers is versatility in its productions, but the only thing that never changes is the quality of the performance and the value of the ticket prices.

Review: ‘Cotton Club Parade’ at the City Center (NYC)

The Encores! series at the New York City Center began twenty years ago and presents forgotten musical gems and a handful of new works for limited engagements, some of which have later gone on to great acclaim when selected for longer runs elsewhere.

Review: ‘The Lover’ / ‘Danny and the Deep Blue Sea’ at the Sargent Theater (NYC)

With so much indie theater in New York City it’s impossible for me to make it to every production I’m invited to review. So before I even get into my review of The Seeing Place’s double-bill of Harold Pinter’s The Lover and John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, I feel obligated to point out that this is the third Seeing Place production that I’ve been invited to review this season and perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay them is that I make sure I have been there every time.

Review: ‘Cock’ at The Duke on 42nd Street (NYC)

A play with the provocative title Cock is going to raise eyebrows (especially with the marquee outside the Duke on 42nd Street says it). The provided plot description makes it even more appealing: “When John and his boyfriend take a break, the last thing he expects is to suddenly meet the woman of his dreams. Now he has a big choice to make.”

Review: ‘Three Sisters’ at the Sargent Theater (NYC)

While the titular sisters of Anton Chekhov’s play Three Sisters aren’t particularly humorous, the cast of the current production by The Seeing Place at the Sargent Theater does a remarkable job of playing up the humor in even the play’s most tragic elements.