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Broadway Musicals Show by Show Book Review

Book Review: ‘Broadway Musicals, Show-by-Show: Eighth Edition’

The new book, Broadway Musicals: Show By Show, is the most in-depth book on musical theater I’ve ever seen. According to the press release, the book, now in its eighth edition, is Broadway’s most “widely used reference book” and I can definitely see why. Originally written by Stanley Green (this

Book Review: ‘Monologues for Every Audition’ by Glenn Alterman

I hate monologues. Always have. It’s just so unnatural to stand there before a casting director or agent and talk to someone that isn’t there. And to do it out of context? Ugh, the worst. Plus, it’s always hard to find a good one. If you’re like me, you constantly

Book Review: The Savvy Actor Career Manual

The Savvy Actor Career Manual bills itself as ‘The Most Comprehensive Actor’s Business Guide Ever’ and while that’s a pretty big claim, it gets pretty close.

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