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Dog Breathing Method Acting

Method Acting and Proper Breathing

When applying proper deep breathing exercises while practicing your method acting technique, it can help you focus, relax and concentrate, which will result in a powerful emotional output

Douglas Taurel

4 Tips for a More Focused Audition

This biggest challenge we all have today in this modern technological world is the insane amount of distractions. Here are some suggestions to better focus on your auditions


Hit Your Mindfulness Mark

At the heart of all great performances is the artist’s ability to be in the moment. This is imperative for actors.

Two Tips That Will Increase Your Audition Confidence

Your physical posture determines how you feel, how you talk to yourself (either positively or negatively), but more importantly, how the world relates to you and ultimately, how your life unfolds.

How To Forge Your Own Creative Path

The old adage that hard work, talent and luck are the keys to an actor’s success needs to be amended with the addition of ‘creating his own opportunities.

You Are Good Enough

Artists (including entertainers, painters and writers), perhaps more than any other occupation, consistently place their creative hearts on their sleeves.

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