Sarah Finn Marvel Casting Director

Marvel Cinematic Universe Casting Director Sarah Finn on Casting the MCU

Casting Director Sarah Finn spoke about casting the Marvel series and why Kathryn Hahn and Wyatt Russell were ideal choices ...
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Jade and Jaded Interview

Interview: Jade Zaroff and Sarah Franco from the Award-Winning Web-Series, ‘Jade & Jaded’

The best vehicles for actors to showcase their talents is material that they have self-generated. Like JADE & JADED, an ...
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Taryn Manning Interview for Every Last One of Them

Interview: Taryn Manning on ‘Every Last One of Them’, Preparation and Her First Acting Job

Taryn Manning talks about the film, her preparation for the role and her career (including how she got her first ...
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Jason Isaacs Interview Mass

Interview: Jason Isaacs on ‘Mass’, Active Listening and Why He Doesn’t “Plan Anything”

Jason Isaacs talks about his role in MASS, his take on 'active listening', and how he prepared for that devastating ...
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Martha Plimpton Mass Interview

Interview: Martha Plimpton on Her New Film, ‘Mass,’ “This is why we became actors”

Martha Plimpton talks about her role and why she wanted it, working with the cast and why she tries to ...
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