How Austin Butler Became Elvis

How Austin Butler Became ‘Elvis’: “I went into the research as though I had the job”

Austin Butler speaks about landing the role and how becoming Elvis became something of an obsession for him during the ...
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Actor Julia Roberts

Why Julia Roberts is “So Deeply Thankful For All the Jobs That” She Didn’t Get

Julia Roberts says that she doesn't stay in character during filming, though she does admire actors who does ...
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Actor Angela Reulcio Interview

Interview: Angela Relucio on ‘Angel’, Auditions and Self-Tapes

Angela Relucio chats about why she wanted her role in ANGEL, preparation, auditions and give us some great self-tape tips ...
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Chelsea Gilson Angel Interview

Interview: Chelsea Gilson Talks ‘Angel’, Auditions and Having Fun in the Moment

Chelsea Gilson chats about ANGEL, how she prepares for a role, getting started and gives some great self-tape tips ...
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Raeann Giles - Angel

Interview: Actor Raeann Giles on Making Her Directorial Debut with ‘Angel’

Raeann Giles on deciding it was time to make her directorial debut, directing herself and being on the other side ...
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