‘Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven’ (Mrs. Gomez): “I didn’t say you could create an explosion on school property”


'Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven' by Reina Hardy

From: Play

Type: Dramedy

Character: Mrs. Gomez, a teacher

Gender: Female

Age Range: 30's | 40's | 50's

Summary: Mrs. Gomez disciplines her favorite student for creating a chemical explosion in the school lab.

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MRS. GOMEZ: I said you could use the telescopes. I didn’t say you could create an explosion on school property. That is a crime! If that goes on your record you can kiss your college scholarships goodbye. I gave you that key to encourage you… because I think it’s extremely important for young women to become interested in the sciences…

You’re not the only person having a crappy summer, OK? Do you think I want to be teaching Spanish right now? I have a master’s in Physics.

Your father is hard to deal with. I get it. But he’s there for you, and just cause he’s a little weird sometimes doesn’t mean you get to act out. That boy who was in here… doesn’t need your encouragement, OK? He’s already been banned from the computer lab for doing some kind of nonsense I’m not even allowed to explain to you. I don’t want him to get any ideas about chemicals, especially if he thinks some girl can get away with it, and he can’t.

If it were up to me, Annie, you’d have a lab of your own. And you’d get to do whatever you wanted in it, whenever you wanted. Because you can do great things, I know you can.

Look- sometimes the thing that makes you want to do something stupid is the exact reason why you have to always be smart. Does that make sense? I guess what I’m saying is that for some people it’s hard, and for some people it’s easy. And right now for you it is hard, and it’s unfair, and I can’t change that for you.

Now, I’m going to have to supervise you while you clean up. If anyone comes in, well. I was in here with you all along. But I’m only doing this for you once, Annie. OK?

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