Actor Yuval David Doesn’t Wait For Opportunities. He Creates Them.

Several years ago, Yuval David proclaimed “this is the busiest year of my career!” That continued to increase... then 2020 happened.

“I am a daily actor.  How about you?”

A number of years ago, I proclaimed “this is the busiest year of my career!”  That business continued to increase, and I proclaimed the same thing in 2018 and 2019.  Then 2020 happened.

In 2020, when someone would ask “how are you,” I would simply answer “2020.”  The massive weight of all that was happening in the world due to the pandemic and socio-political environment affected every part of my life, as it did for just about everyone else on this planet.  My answer “2020” was loaded with more than just the stress and anxiety of the global situation.  It also was loaded with a relentlessly full and busy work schedule.

My life and career as an actor, host, filmmaker, and advocate keeps progressing, developing, growing, and expanding.  That is seen in the sheer volume of work, in narrative and documentary film, television, live (and virtual) events, from studio and network to independent productions.  It is exciting, and the challenge of schedule jugging is real.  I very much love and am addicted to the process, especially as my artistic, creative, and business approach keeps becoming more refined.

It is that appreciation that helps me enjoy the process and also helps me keep working.  I do not wait for someone to create and opportunity for me.  Whenever I have time between other productions, and even during other productions, I am creating opportunities for myself and others.

I recommend this approach for all actors.  That is how my career developed into my being more than an actor, embracing my slashes as an actor/host/director/filmmaker.  Actors must act.  If an actor is not acting, then they are not an actor, they were an actor. So, do not wait for the opportunity to come to you, create the opportunity for yourself!  And, collaborate with like-minded people along the way.

So, in 2020 I was constantly busy directing, producing, and acting in film and television, obeying all COVID protocols, even if it meant remote filming.  And, I was recording voice overs regularly from home.  Having my own studio set up at home, with filming, lighting, and audio equipment allows me to do this.

I even was able to continue my award-winning episodic series “One Actor Short.”  Check it out here.

Throughout this pandemic, “One Actor Short” has been accepted to 70 film festivals and won 56 awards.  So, that helped add good energy amidst the stresses and tragedies of our global and socio-political situations.

And, I created short films, which became easier due to my being used to wearing different and many hats as an actor, writer, director, producer…even at the same time.  For example, my short film “The Gardener”, which also won awards for Direction, Acting, and Sound.

So, I did this.  And, I believe that you can do it to!  Be a daily actor!  Be a daily creator!  And, if you feel you cannot do it alone, then reach out to people like me who are consistently creating and collaborating.

Yuval David’s exceptional body of work includes his series ‘One Actor Short,’ which has been screened at and taken home dozens of awards from International film festivals, including The Big Apple Film Festival, NewFilmmakers Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival. His other work includes his series ‘Better World with Yuval David,’ ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ ‘What Are You Good At,’ ‘Pranks of Kindness,’ and his more thought-provoking and experimental content. Find Yuval on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and IMDB.

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