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Actors on Acting

Over the years, some of the world’s most successful actors have shared their insights and advice on acting and their careers.
In this category, you’ll find articles on actors who share their thoughts on a wide range of acting topics, including:

  • What it means to be an actor
  • Different approaches to acting
  • How to prepare for a role
  • How to work with directors and other actors
  • How to deal with rejection and failure
  • And much more!

Whether you’re just starting out or a working actor, there is something for everyone in this category.

Jeff Daniels: Acting On Stage vs. Film

Jeff Daniels was nominated for a Tony Award for Leading Acting in a Play (God of Carnage). Although he didn’t win (that went to Geoffrey Rush), I’m sure it was still an honor just to be nominated. Right? Hello? Q: “God of Carnage” is full of actors recognized most for […]

Maria Bello on Research and On-Screen Nudity

Maria Bello stars in the new film, Downloading Nancy, playing a suicidal sexual abuse victim whose only source of happiness is cutting herself. From Moviefone.com: How’d you get in the mindset of someone who cuts herself and constantly contemplates suicide? And was there anything in Nancy that you also saw

Rutina Wesley Talks Her Career, Training and Working With Anna Paquin

From Movieline: You were replacing Brooke Kerr, who was originally cast as Tara. What was that process like? You know, in this business, these things happen all the time — and it’s unfortunate, because I’ve been on the other side as well. When this came my way, I just took

Steve Zahn on Typecasting and Living in Kentucky

Steve Zahn is starring in the new film, Management, with Jennifer Aniston. The movie, which has been getting good reviews, is a romantic comedy the follows a couple from their chance meeting to a cross-country trek. From WashingtonPost.com On Typecasting: “People always ask, ‘Do you ever get pigeonholed?’ And yeah,

2 Things You Want To Know About Tilda Swinton

The actual title of the article is 13 Things You Want To Know About Tilda Swinton but only these two were of interest for this site. Check out the other 11 here via indiewire 8. Derek Jarman is the reason she’s working today (you probably figured that too, but it’s

Nathan Fillion Thanks His Soap Years

“I logged more on camera hours in my first three years of my career on ‘One Life to Live’ than I have in the rest of my career put together”

Jackie Earle Haley and the Phone Call that Changed Everything

Have you seen Watchmen? I thought it was good and Jackie Earle Haley was the best thing about the film. He was fantastic. In this article from SF Gate, he talks about his career, why he left acting and the phone call that brought him back to the big screen. On

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