Blair Underwood: “I hope I never lose that sense of being hungry”

, currently starring in NBC‘s The Event,  has wanted to be an actor since he was a kid, he tells the AP.

“I’d watch the kids on TV and think how cool that must be. I wanted to know, ‘How do I get in that box like those other kids?,'” he said.

On why he’s never completely satisfied with his career: “Most of us in life, especially in my industry, just want a shot, and when I got that opportunity, I wanted to make the most of it. I still carry that with me. I hope I never lose that sense of being hungry – a sense of being happily discontent.”

On how he doesnt’ let race be an issue: “Race comes into play in every aspect of life, whether we acknowledge it or not. But the conscious effort I make as an actor is, ‘Just let this man be a person. I think because of the choices I’ve made, it’s opened up doors where I’m not perceived as just one type of actor.”

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