2 Featurettes from ‘Drive’ with Albert Brooks and Bryan Cranston


I’m so glad Albert Brooks is getting a lot of press for his role in Drive. As the brutal gangster Bernie Rose, he is terrific playing against the typical roles we know him for. I really wish he worked more because I could watch him in anything.

As for Bryan Cranston, I think we are watching him in everything. In the past couple months, he’s been in Larry Crowne and Contagion and in the next year you can catch him in John Carter, Rock of Ages, Total Recall and World War Z. I can understand why people want to work with him because his work is always stellar. And that is absolutely the case in Drive

Check out these two featurettes where they talk about their characters, how they came to be in the film and some fun behind the scenes clips.   Albert Brooks


Bryan Cranston


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