Bryan Cranston Talks About “Larry Crowne” Sex Scene with Julia Roberts


According to a recent interview with Larry Crowne co-star Bryan Cranston, the actor wore “slightly less clothes” than one disgraced politician during filming for a sex scene with Julia Roberts, who plays his professor wife in the upcoming movie.

“I’m laying on top of her. You know what I’m wearing? Slightly less clothes than Anthony Weiner,” the 55-year-old Breaking Bad actor told ReelzChannel’s Steve Patterson. Of course, Weiner is the New York congressman who accidentally sent a picture of his erect penis (thankfully hidden by his underwear) to all of his Twitter followers late last month.

As Cranston told it, he wore nothing but a skin-colored pouch so that no actual genital contact was made between Cranston and Roberts during their steamy scene. “That was my wardrobe,” he explained.

Larry Crowne also stars Tom Hanks as the titular character and tells the story of a middle-aged man who loses his job and decides to head back to community college, where he meets the woman played by Roberts.

Video after the jump.

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