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How Did Alex Karpovsky Get His Role on ‘Girls’?

Alex Karpovsky is one of those lucky actors who rarely has to audition for anything. He was friends with before landing his role on her hit HBO series, Girls. The only part he’s ever tried out for is in the upcoming Coen brothers’ movie, Inside Llewyn Davis.

How Did Shiri Appleby Get Her Part on ‘Girls’?

Shiri Appleby was planning on leaving acting behind for a little bit while she got more involved behind the camera. In an effort to learn more about directing, Appleby was planning on shadowing director Jesse Peretz, who works on HBO’s Girls.

Lena Dunham on Her New HBO Show ‘Girls’, NYC and Future Storylines

Lena Dunham, the indie darling best known for her film Tiny Furniture, is the driving force behind the new HBO series Girls. The 25-year-old produces, writes, directs, and stars in the project about four girls trying to make it after college while living in New York City.