Acting Advice Columns

Get Your Marketing on the Move!

Dallas Travers tells us that if the industry seems slow, don’t blame the economy, the holidays, or your representation. Instead, take a look at your marketing.

How to Shop for a Dialect CD

How many times have you been looking for a dialect CD and wondered which one was the best to buy? Pamela Vanderway is here to help!

Hosting 101: Quick Tips

Alison Massie is back with her Hosting 101 column! This time, she gives you some quick and easy tips!

Failure: Are You a Victim of It?

In order to have the career you really desire, you must be willing to practice imperfection. Let Dallas Travers tell you how!

Four Tips to Master the Telephone

Scared to pick up the phone to call a casting director, agent or producer? Dallas Travers has some great tips to get rid of those jitters!

3 Tips To Finding An Agent

Snagging an agent or manager can be tricky, time consuming, and expensive. Dallas Travers has 3 small steps to help you!

A Motivating Kick in the Pants

Ever felt like you needed an encouraging push towards success? Erin Cronican gives you just the nudge you need!

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