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Kate Winslet is Academy Award​® ​winning actress, she has brought to life some of cinema’s most captivating and memorable roles. Her resumé consists of critically and commercially acclaimed work as well as a span of awards and honors that illustrate Winslet’s talent and solidify her a permanent place in cinema history.  

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Winslet won her first Academy Award​®​, after a stunning past 5 nominations, for her role as Hannah Schmitz in Stephen Daldry’s 2008 ​The Reader.​ Winslet also won a Golden Globe​®​, SAG, BAFTA, and Critics’ Choice Award, among many others, for the role. She also starred that year in Revolutionary Road​, ​directed by Sam Mendes, which re-teamed her with ​Titanic ​co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Winslet won a Golden Globe​® ​and received many nominations for her portrayal of April Wheeler.

At the age of seventeen, Kate made an international name for herself in Peter Jackson’s feature film ​Heavenly Creatures.​ She followed that in 1995 with her role as Marianne Dashwood in Ang Lee’s ​Sense and Sensibility​. Winslet received her first Academy Award​® ​nomination for this performance and was also nominated for a Golden Globe​®​. She then went on to win the BAFTA and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Winslet co-starred with Christopher Eccleston in Michael Winterbottom’s ​Jude​; ​and then as Ophelia in Kenneth Branagh’s ​Hamlet.​ She appeared as the iconic survivor, Rose, in James Cameron’s ​Titanic ​opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. At the age of 22, Winslet received her second Academy Award​® ​nomination for this role and the honour of being the youngest actress ever to be nominated for two Academy Awards​​.

In 1997 Winslet starred as Julia in ​Hideous Kinky​, ​directed by Gillies McKinnon; and in 1998 co- starred with Harvey Keitel in Jane Campion’s comedic drama ​Holy Smoke​. She also starred in Philip Kaufman’s period drama ​Quills ​along with Geoffrey Rush, Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Caine.

In 2001 Winslet starred in the Richard Eyre production of ​Iris​, playing the young Iris Murdoch to Judi Dench’s older Iris and received Golden Globe​® ​and Oscar​nominations. She next starred in Michael Apteds​Enigma,​ a​ spy drama about code breakers during WWII, and ​The Life of David Gale.​ She then went to on star as Clementine in ​Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind​, ​for which she received Academy Award​®​, Golden Globe​® ​and BAFTA nominations for Best Actress. She then went on to star opposite Johnny Depp in ​Finding Neverland​, ​which was named the 2004 Best Film by the National Board of Review.


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