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Finally! The Mother of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finally Revealed… How Was It Kept Secret?

So it finally happened: after eight seasons worth of hints and misdirection, viewers of How I Met Your Mother have finally met the mother that Bob Saget’s voice has been talking about to those two bored-looking kids. In a surprising reveal in the eighth season finale, the mother was revealed to be… well, I won’t come out and put it here just yet just in case you were watching the NHL playoffs and the episode is waiting for you on the DVR. But be forewarned, I will be revealing the actress’ name in a bit.

Josh Radnor on the Future of ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Josh Radnor was able to take some time away from his sitcom How I Met Your Mother to make the indie Liberal Arts with Elizabeth Olsen. The movie was a well-earned break from the show Radnor jokes has been on the air for “117 years.”

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