Reeve Carney on his New Role in the Jeff Buckley Biopic and Spider-Man


Currently starring in the Broadway musical Spider-Man, that has been bogged down with a slew of issues, Reeve Carney was recently asked how things were going now that the headlines have dulled.

It’s great, I really enjoy it. Apart from one movie, I wouldn’t have considered myself to be an actor before I started this job. I was in The Tempest, which was my first job, and I only did it because Julie Taymor asked me to audition. She took a liking to me and thought I could pull it off so I tried it and I knew it was going to be hard because it’s Shakespeare. I didn’t really know what I was doing there, and then I started to get in the swing of being an actor.  Spider-Man is great for me because it never gets boring. Not only do I get to sing, I get to act, and I get to use my body every night. It’s hard, and you’ve always got to keep it fresh, which is part of the great challenge of theater.”

Admittedly Carney tuned out all of those negative headlines and bad reviews that followed the Spider-Man musical like a black cloud for months.  “I never read any of it. I would try to avoid them actually. Some people would walk up to me on the street and suddenly everybody knew about the bad reviews because people would come up to me and say “Oh what show are you doing?” and then go “Oh I’m so sorry.” That’s the only way I really found out about negative reviews. That’s just the way certain press outlets like to handle their business, so I don’t really pay too much attention to it.”  Things appear to be looking up for the Reeves now, with positive reviews coming in, and his newly acquired lead role in The Jeff Buckley Biopic.  How did he manage to beat out some of the bigger names in Hollywood all contending  for the part?  “I auditioned. I met Jeff’s mom Mary about three years ago, and that came through mutual friends. At that point, they weren’t really writing a big film but she seemed to like me as a person and I definitely liked her a lot. We kept in touch, and when they were finally ready to start auditioning they called me. That was maybe about two months ago.”

How Carney plans to juggle both the filming of The Jeff Buckley Biopic and his attachment to Spider-Man is still unknown.  “I don’t actually know. We’re going to see how that works because it does shoot in New York. There will be a small stint in Memphis, which is obviously where Jeff passed away. So for that point in time I’d have to take a break from the show, but we’ll see. It’s very possible I’d be able to do both simultaneously. Nothing’s set in stone yet in terms of the schedule.”

The Jeff Buckley Biopic with Reeve Carney is slated to be released sometime in 2013.

 via US Magazine

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