‘Better Call Saul’ (Howard): “I got played every step of the way”

Better Call Saul - Hpward Hamlin Monologue

BETTER CALL SAUL by Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Thomas Schnauz

Type: Dramatic

Gender: Male

From: TV Shows

Age Range: 40's - 50's

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HOWARD: I’m not crazy, and I’m not on drugs. Please come in. Now, somehow, someway that son of a b****h gave me something that dilated my pupils. I don’t know what, but it’s wearing off already.

Look, the photos, they were wet with something. My PI, Genidowski had to be in on it. He must have shown me one set of photos and then switched them after I left the office.

Three weeks ago, Julie got a call from our detective agency. They wanted to update their contact info, so of course she changed the number in the system, but it turns out it wasn’t them. That was Jimmy. So, when I needed an investigator to follow Jimmy, I called his fake number and his fake man. She just dialed the old number and of course got the actual agency. And, no surprise, no one by the name of Genidowski had ever worked there.

I hired a con man. I got played every step of the way. I know what it sounds like, but you have to believe me.

From BETTER CALL SAUL, Season 6 Episode 7

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