‘Glassheart’ (Beast): “This is not a story. Stories have shapes”

Glassheart Monologues by Reina Hardy

'Glassheart' by Reina Hardy

From: Play

Type: Comedic

Character: Beast, sad, large, dramatic. A Beast, y’know?

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20's | 30's | 40's | 50's

Summary: The Beast has just downsized from a fairy tale castle to a small Chicago apartment. In this scene, he tries to get settled in after his one remaining servant tells him that it will be “O.K.”

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This is the story of a great house that became an OK apartment.
This is not a story. Stories have shapes. They end.

He gets up and looks around. There is a small mirror on one wall.

This is no story. This is a nightmare.

He gently turns the mirror to the wall.

This face is a nightmare face.

A bird starts to sing.

Of course, dawn comes in like it wants to prove me wrong. Each turn of the earth screws us closer to spring, have heart! I will give you music from the air.

He goes to the window, opens it.

Chondestes Grammacus. A common passerine, but melodious and large.

Quick as a snake, he snatches the bird. The song cuts off with a squeak.

What? I am a beast.

He turns, and bites off the head of the animal with a sickening crunch. He exits. After a moment, he comes back on again.

That was by way of being a dramatic exit, but there was nowhere else to go.

The Beast lies down on the floor in a contemplative way.

Despair! Despair! No. (in a different tone of voice.) Despair! (in a whisper.) Despair.
I am not even achieving the ridiculous.

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