Karen Pittman’s 7 Tips To Becoming a Good Theatre Actor

Check out these 7 tips to become a better theatre actor from Karen Pittman, star of 'Disgraced' on Broadway and 'The Morning Show'

Karen Pittman Disgraced Interview

Karen Pittman, currently starring in Disgraced on Broadway, wrote a fun post about how to be a good theatre actor for LinkedIn.

It’s short, sweet and to the point, which is why I loved it. When I interviewed her recently, I asked if we could post it here and she enthusiastically said “yes!”

Check it out!

7 Tips on How to Become a Good Theatre Actor:

1. Serve the playwright and not your ego.

2. Be on time and act professional.

3. Know your lines.

4. Do your homework so that the time you spend with the other actors in the room is actually useful.

5. You’re enough. You don’t have to name drop, school drop, director drop, last job drop.

6. Man up. Stop complaining.

7. Keep the integrity of the backstage, hold everyone’s body and mind with reverence and awe.

via LinkedIn

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