Movie Monologues

Hard Candy Monologue

‘Hard Candy’ (Hayley)

“They never try girls as adults. Sexist but true. Plus I’ll have the biggest legal defense fund you ever saw.”

Hard Candy Monologue

‘Hard Candy’ (Geoff)

“My mom came and got me the next day to pick me up. I never talked to Aunt Denise again.”

30 Minutes or Less Monologue

’30 Minutes or Less’ (Nick)

“I’m gonna give you the short version of an incredibly complicated and f*cked up situation, so please be cool.”

Kill the Messenger monologues

‘Kill the Messenger’ (Weil)

“I was you once, Gary. I started down this road, though nowhere near as far as you are. They tried to kill me”

Kill the Messenger monologues

‘Kill the Messenger’ (Meneses)

“A five iron. It is perfectly designed to pull off any shot, if you use it properly. A tool that can carve its way through any shot necessary.”

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