‘Paper Moon’ (Moze): “Who got ya a Nehi and a Coney Island?”

Paper Moon Monologue

'Paper Moon' by Alvin Sargent

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Moze, a con man

Gender: Male

Age Range: 30's

Summary: Moze tries to convince Addie that he's a good guy.

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MOZE: Will you quiet down. (softly) You don’t have no appreciation, that’s the trouble with you. Maybe I did get some money from that man. Well, you’re entitled to that. And I’m entitled to my share for gettin’ it, ain’t I? I mean it weren’t for me where’d you be? Some orphan home, that’s where. You think them folks’d spend a penny to send you east? No sir. But who got ya a ticket t’ St. Joe? Who got ya a Nehi and a Coney Island? I threw in twenty dollars extra, plus eighty-five cents for the telegram. Without me, you wouldn’t have any of that. I didn’t have take you at all, but I took ya, didn’t I?  (pause)  Well, I think that’s fair ‘nuf. N we’re all better off. You get to St. Joe ‘n I got a better car. Fair’s fair. Now drink your Nehi and eat your Coney Island.

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