‘The Shape of Water’ (Giles): “Have you ever seen a real key lime pie?”

Actor Richard Jenkins - The Shape of Water Monologue

'The Shape of Water' by Guillermo Del Toro & Vanessa Taylor

From: Movie

Type: Dramatic

Character: Giles, "late 60’s, refined and prim: wool vest, bow tie and tortoiseshell glasses. When he speaks he has a ever-so-slight stutter (which gets worse when he gets nervous)."

Gender: Male

Age Range: 50's | 60's

Summary: Giles finally makes a stand

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GILES: No. Keep it. It’s perfect for you. (beat) I- I never understood why they are so damn happy anyway. So happy about a- slab of animal… protein- in- in that shade of green- that should come with a warning label. (beat) But I guess they smile because that is their future- Your future. Just like your pies- These horrible pies. Turning around in their nice, shiny glass towers- But tasting like ashes in my mouth. Have you ever seen a real key lime pie? It’s not green. It’s actually beautiful. Who makes these pies?! Who makes them?? What are they- really? S—. Bright, fake-colored s—. Made by no one. Eaten by no one… You don’t even know where they come from… Do you? You don’t even know that…

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