‘The Shape of Water’ (Strickland): “Bet I can make you squawk a little”

Actor Michael Shannon - The Shape of Water Monologue

'The Shape of Water' by Guillermo Del Toro & Vanessa Taylor

From: Movie

Type: Dramatic

Character: Richard Strickland, "a square-jawed, steely-eyed man dressed in a black, immaculate suit and tie."

Gender: Male

Age Range: 30's | 40's | 50's

Summary: Strickland intimidates Elisa

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STRICKLAND: You know…? I can’t figure it out myself- you’re not much to look at, but- go figure- I keep thinking about you. (beat) And I’ve seen you, looking at me. You’ve been- looking at me? When you say you’re mute… Are you entirely silent? Or do you squawk a little? Some mutes squawk. Not pretty, but- You should know this: I don’t mind the scars. Don’t mind that you can’t speak, either. When you come right down to it- I like it. A lot. Kind of gets me going… (beat) Thought you should know these things. Hey! Bet I can make you squawk a little.

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