Actress India Autry: Getting Help with Making My Baby, ‘Brutally Yours’

India Autry

I’m running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for my first feature film until December 3rds. It’s based on true events dealing with a young black woman’s struggle with alcoholism and the effects of mass incarceration politics on her interracial relationship with a Wall Street investor. I launched the campaign about two weeks ago on my 32nd birthday, after three years of working on the feature script.

I’ve screened a short film adaptation at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner and have made a second short film adaptation since beginning the feature script. I will play the main character, which I wrote based on my personal struggle with alcoholism. My networking efforts during the past few years have resulted in a notable cast and crew already on board.

For example, I met Marcus Carl Franklin while shooting a film together, “But Not For Me.” Marcus starred in the HBO film “Lackawanna Blues,” won an Independent Spirit Award for the Heath Ledger starring film “I’m Not There.” Others like Darius Marder, co-writer of “Blue Valentine” and “Place Beyond the Pines,” who consulted on the script, I met through mutual friends, inside and outside the business. Rounding out the cast and crew are:

Sue Costello, an actress from “The Fighter” who starred in her own Fox comedy series “Costello;” Rosalyn Coleman, who acted against Meryl Streep in “Music of the Heart,” and also acted in “Brown Sugar” & “It’s a Funny Kind of Story;” Mark Karafin, director, who directed Billy Magnussen in “Sonnet 108;” and Matthew Benjamin Canada, the film’s cinematographer.

The key to launching the campaign was, like all aspects of my acting and filmmaking career, was research and marketing. I learned the importance of, not only asking those I know directly, but also social media and press.

I learned that crowdfunding thrives on rewarding contributors with quality perks and encouraging contributions both large and small. The perks I offer build on each other, so that donations of a larger amount include the perks of all the donation levels below it. The perks range from free immediate access to the two short films for $10, to an extra role in the film for $25, early release digital downloads for $50 to behind-the-scenes and red carpet access for larger contributions.

I encourage you to join the journey to entertain and inspire with this film. Contribute and share on social media and with those you know so that they can join the journey as well. We will start making the film with whatever we raise, but we need as to get a close as possible to our goal. Click on the Indiegogo page:

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