The Dreaded Question: “Tell Me About Yourself”

Written by Amy Lyndon

Actors take meetings; it’s just a part of what we do. Whether it’s meeting an agent or manager, auditioning for producers, or just networking at a bar, you’re out there connecting with people and talking about your career. And, of course, the infamous question always arises:  “Tell me a little bit about yourself?”

This Is In The Order Of Importance:

Interesting Fact or Story – Actors are storytellers, and the people we’re meeting are usually people who hire those that tell the best story possible. Imagine your interviewer as a 5-yr-old who needs to be entertained and the goal is to tell an interesting and funny story that also relates to your castability to let the buyer know how much money they can make on you. For example, I play a gentle nerd a lot, and so one story I use is how as a kid I would ask my parents to buy me Star Wars toys, but you see, I would never take them out of the box. So even at 8 I thought of myself as a collector! What a cute little successful nerd! Get it? Or you might tell them an interesting story about your parents and that they’re missionaries who work for the Red Cross. You’ve got to have a hook so that they remember you distinctly.
Education – A brief recap of your education helps your interviewer get a feel for what they can expect. If a prestigious university or school puts their stamp of approval on you, you’re golden. Always express your enthusiasm and relevance to the industry: “I just started private coaching with Amy Lyndon and I can see why so many of her clients book because she’s been doing wonders for me. I seem to be booking every audition I go out on.” If you’re looking to move into sit-com work, make sure you mention that you do stand-up or you’re in a comedy troupe or improvisational group. Let them know where and when they can come to see your work.

Numbers – Agents and managers love numbers – that’s what they make money on.  For example: “In just under 2 years, I Booked a hit TV show, a Series Lead with Paramount Distributing, and I have a Feature Comedy in Post Production with a 2012 Release. And my Web Series was just picked up for 13 more episodes!” They are not interested in the details! It tells them that you are a booker and in the game to make them money. No credits? Then list other accomplishments like great reviews from Theatre Productions and tell them what type of roles you play and how excited you are to move into television.

These 3 elements is the foundation to a successful Tell Me About Yourself.

Keep in mind, there is a Casting Director (30 seconds) version and even a one-line meet a Producer in a bar version. Make sure you take advantage of this in your career consultation at – Amy Lyndon is an expert at getting you ready for every meeting and audition!

This article is meant to take out some of the mystery behind this very important question. A great interview can make a huge difference and we at The Lyndon Technique are thrilled to give you the “Cheat Sheet” to your success.

Always remember, stay positive and know that you are awesome!


Amy Lyndon is the Founder and CEO of the Lyndon Technique, the 15 Guideline Map to Booking for actors at all levels. With over 20 years experience and clients at all levels of the industry, Amy provides insights found nowhere else. Jump start your career by downloading her totally free 4-Week Booking Kit at!

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