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Finally! The Mother of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finally Revealed… How Was It Kept Secret?

So it finally happened: after eight seasons worth of hints and misdirection, viewers of How I Met Your Mother have finally met the mother that Bob Saget’s voice has been talking about to those two bored-looking kids. In a surprising reveal in the eighth season finale, the mother was revealed to be… well, I won’t come out and put it here just yet just in case you were watching the NHL playoffs and the episode is waiting for you on the DVR. But be forewarned, I will be revealing the actress’ name in a bit.

Broadway’s ‘Once’ Gets a New Cast

All great things must come to an end. Steve Kazee, Cristin Milioti, Will Connolly and Elizabeth A. Davis, from the original cast of Once, will play their final performance on Sunday, March 24th.

Once’s Cristin Milioti Sits at the Cool Kids’ Table

If you’ve never seen the new YouTube show Cool Kids’ Table, it features two stereotypically obnoxious high school girls, Kenzie and Blake, sitting in the cafeteria as they interview celebrities in a very condescending way. Although it’s a lot of schtick, it does have its moments.