Gillian Jacobs says her role on ‘Community’ is like “grad school”

"I feel like it’s grad school for me and I’ve learned so much working on this show."

Gillian JacobsGillian Jacobs considers herself lucky to be working with the the cast of her hit show, “Community“.

She told the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, that it’s like “grad school for me and I’ve learned so much working on this show like timing, delivery, and making bold choices. I’ve never had a lot of vanity as an actor, I will say that about myself, and I have even less now. I’ve been inspired by working with these people to really try and figure out what is funny about me or my character, and then to just go for it. I think it’s also a natural by-product of working on a show as a series regular for more than one season. It feels like a safe zone for you. Even though millions of people are going to see it each week, you feel comfort with the people you work with and you feel free to make weird, bold, strange choices.”

This is Jacobs first role in a comedy and she says observing her castmates at work has helped her expand her comedy skills. “You are bound to learn things when you are surrounded by people like Jim Rash (Dean Pelton), who is a Groundling. I do feel like I’ve become a better improver being around these people. I went and did the Groundlings one night with Jim and I don’t think I could have done it had it not been for “Community.” I haven’t done improv since I was in middle school.”

Jacobs is looking forward to a little down time while “Community” is on hiatus. “I’m taking it easy, taking meetings and reading scripts. Right now, I’m just trying to look like I didn’t get hit by a truck.” [Editors Note: Yeah, Gillian, don’t try that. It’s not fun – Lance]

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