Emilia Clarke on Reactions to Her On-Stage Nudity in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’


Broadway audiences are getting to see Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in a whole new light on Broadway starring as Holly Golightly in a new stage adaptation of Truman Capote’s beloved novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

However, more people are talking about the production’s difficulty in training cats and Clarke’s brief moments of nudity on the stage rather than the play itself!  In an interview with New York magazine, Clarke spoke about the reaction to her baring it all on stage.

Clarke is appreciative that so many fans of her television character are turning up to see her on Broadway.  She says, “A lot of the Game of Thrones fans have really come out to the show, which is really wonderful. And I hope they get a different experience than what they’re used to seeing me doing.”

Of course, one of those things they’ve come to see is Clarke’s brief moments of on-stage nudity, which has resulted in reports that the performances have been infested by shutterbugs hoping to snap a shot of Clarke in the nude.  Clarke seems to shrug off the reports, pointing out, “It’s a little distracting. It’s not really the kind of theater to whip out your camera and take pictures. And the frenzy that’s being highly publicized didn’t really ever happen. There might be a weird looking or bizarre photo or two floating around, but I promise you, I’ve never been in a performance and suddenly hit with a tirade of people taking my photograph on stage. There’s more of a furor surrounding the cat, to be honest. And it couldn’t be the Game of Thrones fans taking those pictures, because you can just go on YouTube and see everything you want, or see something that’s more centered around that.”

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