Anne Hathaway in WeCrashed

Anne Hathaway Shares a Moment from ‘WeCrashed’ That Was Inspired by Her First Acting Role

Anne Hathaway shared a story about a scene more than 20 years in the making that appeared in one of ...
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Confess, Fletch Review

Movie Review: Jon Hamm in ‘Confess, Fletch’

What Fletch has going for it is the performances, especially Hamm’s and Annie Mumolo’s, who plays his certifiably crazy neighbor, ...
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How Austin Butler Became Elvis

How Austin Butler Became ‘Elvis’: “I went into the research as though I had the job”

Austin Butler speaks about landing the role and how becoming Elvis became something of an obsession for him during the ...
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Actor Julia Roberts

Why Julia Roberts is “So Deeply Thankful For All the Jobs That” She Didn’t Get

Julia Roberts says that she doesn't stay in character during filming, though she does admire actors who does ...
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Actor Angela Reulcio Interview

Interview: Angela Relucio on ‘Angel’, Auditions and Self-Tapes

Angela Relucio chats about why she wanted her role in ANGEL, preparation, auditions and give us some great self-tape tips ...
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