‘SubUrbia’ (Tim): “You know, it was the biggest mistake of my life”

Surburnia Movie Monologues

'SubUrbia' Written by Eric Bogosian, Directed by Richard Linklater

From: Movie

Type: Dramatic

Character: Tim Mitchum, an Air Force vet and racist but incredibly loyal to his friends.

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20's

Summary: Tim tells Erica about his brief time in the Air Force.

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TIM: You know, it was the biggest mistake of my life.

Well, I mean, you have to understand I was just this dopey kid mopping floors and kissing officer a—. I mean, well, I enlisted right out of high school. So I just wanted something different in my life.

“It’s not a job, it’s an adventure.” Right? I hated it. I had to get out. So I was working in the kitchen, chopping lettuce, you know, real heroic stuff, and I, uh, I had this big f—ing knife and I chopped off the tip of my little finger and three days later I was a free man.

Honorable discharge. Disabled while serving. I get a check every month.

*From the Screenplay

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