Max Irons on Auditioning for ‘The Host’ and Getting Advice from His Father, Jeremy Irons

THE-HOST-Max-IronsEven for a son of a Hollywood legend like Jeremy Irons, actor Max Irons can assure that auditions don’t always go smoothly.  When he tried out for The Host, the audition went so poorly he was sure he wouldn’t get the role.

“It’s often the ones that you really care about,” he said in an interview with Moviefone.  “I just kept forgetting my lines, lines I’d known for weeks and weeks.  But then it really started to work and there was a real…I don’t want to say chemistry, but it felt easy working with Saoirse [Ronan, his costar], and it felt very natural.  I came out with a really good feeling despite butchering the first 10 minutes of the audition.”

Irons was excited to get the role since he’s a little wary about the availability of quality projects for actors his age.  “I think Hollywood’s a dangerous place for guys our age at the moment,” the 27-year-old said.  “I think we’re very disposable and a lot of parts are quite similar.  Once you get to a certain age, the parts start to widen, which is sort of a nice prospect.”

Despite having an Oscar-winner for a dad, Irons doesn’t necessarily ask his father’s advice on which projects to take.

“I don’t always listen,” he admitted.  “I don’t mean that flippantly.  I have to make my mistakes and I have to make my own choices and he understands that.  We have conversations, but they’re never about acting, they’re conversations about the business side of things.  But he knows to let me go and do it my way.”

The Host opens Friday, March 29.

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