Michael Emerson on Why He’s Always the Villain


The star of J.J. Abrams’ latest small screen venture, Person Of Interest, doesn’t deny he has what it takes to pull of those creepy and sinister roles he so often plays. Fifty-seven year old actor Michael Emerson, who portrays Harold Finch, one half of the unusual duo that prevent crimes before they happen, says that being cast in these type of roles “probably has to do with things I don’t even know about or my impact on people — the quality of my voice or the look of my face or the way I carry myself.”

The actor also added that the “simple answer is I’m able to give writers and directors whatever quality it is that they’re looking for; I have access to that set of characteristics. It seems my TV career has been consistent in a way. I have almost always played a character that is a little unknowable, a little dangerous. They’ve all been serious and a little bit alarming. I’m happy to provide thrills and chills for viewers, it’s fun.”    While Emerson shared that he has what it takes to pull off characters like Harold Finch, people eventually realize that his alter ego and himself aren’t one in the same.  “People always announce that to me. They come up to me and say, ‘You’re not really so scary.’ I say, ‘You’re right, of course!’

Person Of Interest with Michael Emerson and his sidekick, Jim Caviezel, airs on CBS, Thursdays 9/8c.

via The Huffington Post

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