Behind The Scenes Drama: “Sons of Anarchy” Is Not Just A Title


Every long-running television show (and even some short-running ones, too!) has a fair amount of behind the scenes drama, but it’s a surprise to see a show like Sons of Anarchy going through a whole mess of drama recently.   The Los Angeles Times reports on the number of the issues going on with the popular FX outlaw motorcycle show.

The first major issue came up during the Television Critics Association press show when star Charlie Hunnam didn’t appear as scheduled.  According to reports, the star and show creator Kurt Sutter had a “disagreement that got a little heated” prior to the show’s panel and Hunnam left the Beverly Hilton Hotel, which was were the press show was held.  Of course, eyewitness reports that Hunnam was escorted from the building were denied by an FX spokesman, who chalked up the scuffle to long shooting hours the night before.  Surprisingly, the normally outspoken Sutter — who often let his lips loose on Twitter — isn’t doing so this time around.  Why not?  Well in a profanity-laced blog post Sutter has revealed that he has left Twitter for his own peace of mind since he couldn’t trust himself to not say something “toxic” to his career in his buffer-less 140 character-or-less rants.  It’s likely Sutter’s self-imposed exile from Twitter was a result of the fallout of one of his final tweets, which controversially blamed Mad Men creator Matt Weiner for creator/show runner Frank Darabont leaving The Walking Dead, another AMC show, when the network recently cut The Walking Dead‘s budget.   Sutter’s theory is that AMC had to spend so much money to get Mad Men back for a fifth season that the budgets of other AMC shows suffered.

Whether you agree or disagree with Sutter’s assessment of Matt Weiner and AMC, Sutter is a great example of why unfiltered social networking by those in entertainment (whether creators, actors, musicians, or even athletes) can harm a career much more than help it.  Free speech is a wonderful thing of course, but as our mothers once told us, “If you don’t have something nice to say… don’t say it!”  I’ve personally heard of multiple people in and out of the entertainment industry do major damage to their careers by being unwise with what they make public on the Internet.  Think before you post, folks!

The fourth season of Sons of Anarchy premieres September 6 on FX.


  1. Erin McMichael on

    Leave Kurt Sutter and Charlie Hunnam alone. God Kurt cannot even blog without stupid “journalists” taking the things he says and twists them. Kurt Sutter has made an amazing show and that partly due to actors like Charlie. Whatever happens between them is their business. Go out and report the news…writing about the petty sh** is getting old

  2. jessica escobar on

    I think the reason people has so many issues with kurt is because he tells it like it is if he thinks you’re a c**t he’s gonna call you one. More people should be like him, the world would be a better place if we were all honest with each other and ourselves. Kurt is an honest talented man and is very missed on facebook and twitter. FEAR THE REAPER!!

  3. Absolutely agree with you Jessica. I followed him on Twitter and loved his tweets.

    I agree with people blowing things out of proportion but if you actually look at the things he’s said and written, he’s just a passionate guy who loves his work.

  4. LubiAlexLjubica Ja on

    I didn´t seen so much chit-caht about Soa,Suttner or Charlies. It is a little what I could see.I thing it must be more,because we all live apart.You must see how is in the Germany!! Reporter looking to write only bad things still! I never seen something about Charlies and co,something bad.A little fight on the work is normally. Behind good horse to make gray dust:-) 🙂 Yeah ! it is so.

    Both or all three bulge in the pocket more money.Without Reporter ,is no money,is no advertising…Bey Bey..

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