Alexander Skarsgård Trying to Climb Out of the Type-Casting Pigeonhole


According to a recent interview, True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård wouldn’t mind a change of pace from the roles he’s been getting due to the success of the HBO vampire drama.

“In most of the projects I’m recognized for, I’ve played leaders. And so, of course, that’s how people want to pigeonhole me,” the Swedish actor, who plays bloodsucker Eric Northman on the show, told BlackBook. “You’d be shocked by the number of offers I get to play Eric Northman under a different name.”

The typecast 35-year-old, who recently broke up with long-time squeeze Kate Bosworth, also talked about wanting to keep his name out of the grocery store checkout aisle. “I so desperately try to keep my private life out of the tabloids because becoming a celebrity rather than an actor can really get in the way of a good performance,” he said.

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