Alec Baldwin on his “30 Rock” future: “I’ve Got to Do Something Different”


Assuming NBC keeps 30 Rock on its schedule through its sixth season, the show will be out one right-wing TV/microwave executive when it wraps next spring. According to a recent Associated Press interview with Alec Baldwin, who plays Jack Donaghy on the hit comedy, he intends to leave the show once his contract runs out in 2012.

“To finish the show, I’m going to do this year then start thinking about what I want to do next,” said the 53-year-old Baldwin. “It’s been a great experience, and I’ve loved doing the show. It changed my life. I’ll never have it this good again, I know that. But I know that I’ve got to do something different, try something different.”

For now, it seems that the former Saturday Night Live star has found that something, or four of them. Currently, Baldwin is on the set of Rise of the Guardians, an animated comedy due out in 2012. Later this year, he will travel to Rome this year to film Woody Allen’s upcoming Bop DeCameron before starting work on indie flick Hick and a film adaptation of hit broadway musical Rock of Ages.

In the future, it might be more difficult for Baldwin to pick a script he’s truly passionate about. “I’ve really been completely tainted by the people I work with because they’re so funny…,” he explained. “It’s tough to find something that’s really, really well written.”

Still, the big-screen veteran is keeping his options open. “When I go back into the world to go to work, I don’t know how likely I would be to (make movies). This is something I can’t answer now,” he told the AP.

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