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The Onion Reports That Brendan Fraser “Would Like to Apply For a Kickstarter”

Debate continues to go on about whether or not established celebrities have the “right” to use crowd sourcing funding websites like Kickstarter to fund their projects after a Veronica Mars movie and Zach Braff’s next movie received significant funding through the website on the behalf of fans’ donations.

Zach Braff Wants You to Help Fund His Next Movie, ‘Wish I Was Here’

The team behind Veronica Mars won’t be the only filmmakers using Kickstarter to fund their movies. Zach Braff announced that he’s hoping to raise $2 million to make his film Wish I Was Here. Braff’s decision came out of his frustration with having to hand over artistic decisions to studios or financiers.

Zach Braff Talks Theater-Writing Debut, “All New People”

With his new play at New York City’s Second Stage Theatre, Zach Braff’s life in the performing arts has come full circle. After watching his father act in community theater, an eight-year-old Braff knew what he wanted to do with his life.