The 2016 San Diego Fringe Festival: Theatre, Comedy, Magic, Dance, Puppetry and So Much More

11 days, 17 venues and 90 shows. The 2016 San Diego International Fringe Festival is here!

San Diego Fringe Festival

11 days, 17 venues and 90 shows. The 2016 San Diego International Fringe Festival is here!

The festival begins today and goes on through July 3rd and as always, there will be something for everyone: theatre, puppets, dance, magic, music, one-man shows, circus shows, burlesque and buskers. If you can’t find a show in this jam packed line-up, then you haven’t looked hard enough.

Most of the shows are located downtown in the Spreckels building, Tenth Avenue Arts Center, Lyceum Theatre, Rosewood Five and the new Club Fringe Spreckels (the 2nd floor of the Spreckels building). This year’s new venue is Diversionary Theatre (on Park Blvd. in University Heights).

Here are a few shows on our radar:

That 24-Hour Thing: One of our favorite shows at the festival! Six playwrights each have 24 hours to write a 1o-minute play. Then six directors and 18 actors have eight hours to rehearse each play before the curtain goes up. This event is free!

The Phantom of the Empire: Return of the Opera: A long time ago, in an OPERA HOUSE far, far away…yeah, you read that right! Get ready for this epic mash-up of the harrowing ORIGINAL STAR WARS TRILOGY, told through the beloved music of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! Grab your lightsabers and meet us at the Opera House!

Dr. Svetlana’s Public & Private Health Lecture Demonstration: Persecuted for allegedly medical practiced without license in six countries, Dr. Svetlana Titania Boom de Eva proud tenured faculty member of Guam Online Medical School ferocedly emerge from safe-house. Comrade Bernie Sanders unconfirmed surprise guest. In tradition of Theatre of the Ridiculous, frequently confused with Comédie-Vulgaire.

Disappearing Act examines PTSD in war veterans, and is “a harrowing slice of modern family life is well told, well presented and vitally important.” (Pat Launer). Alex, returning from deployment in Iraq, finds life at home hard to handle, and the pain of war affects his family.

Inanna: The Sumerian myth brought to life through song and dance as Inanna, goddess of love and warfare, must appease her sister’s labors in order to descend to the nether world.

The Test: This musical is best described as: a) Sara Bareilles meets Stephen Schwartz; b) Dunder Mifflin meets Fortune 500; c) S.A.T. meets L.O.L.; d) ALL OF THE ABOVE. Join seventeen-year-old Mimi as she searches for answers amidst college application hysteria. There’s not enough room at the top. It’s nothing personal.


Fat, Forward and Fine: Fat, Forward and Fine is a funny, sexy, thinky voyage into living large. The show is about movement – travel, airplanes, exercise, romance and ultimately the mobility of viewpoints that lead us toward love or hatred for our fellow humans and ourselves.

Bedrooms and Boyfriends: Bedrooms & Boyfriends-3 new 12 minutes plays about love, lust, sex and….boyfriends featuring writers Michael Mizerany, Samantha Ginn and Jonathan Hammond. Contains adult content including brief male nudity, profanity and sexual situations.

Garden Girl: Garden Girl is a fantastical rock opera about Lily, an sheltered farm girl who is oppressed by her overprotective mother. Lily is convinced to never leave home until a weed pops up in her garden and convinces her to meets 3 people that will change her life forever.

Sugar Plum’s Revenge: The continuing story of the Nutcracker told from the perspective of Frederick during his 18th birthday party. Still bitter after a decade since Marie received her beloved Nutcracker, a mysterious guest ignites a world of vengeful trouble and unexpected opportunity.

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