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Interview: Mishel Prada Talks ‘Vida’, Creating a Backstory and Moving to LA

"In a matter of two days, I found out that I was going to be playing Emma and that in a week and a half we would start shooting" - Actress Mishel Prada on Getting Cast in 'Vida'

Interview: Sophie Skelton on Her ‘Outlander’ Audition, Nicolas Cage and ‘211’

Skelton talks about her role in 211, working with Cage, how she perfected her American accent and of course, Outlander.

Interview: Katee Sackhoff on Her Career, Auditions and the New Film, ‘2036 Origin Unknown’

"I don't think that you can really know the trajectory of your career until it decides for you, and then you know your place." - Katee Sackhoff

Interview: The Team Behind Crackle’s ‘SuperMansion’ Discuss the Show, Stop-Motion Animation and the Voice Actors

They talk about the voice cast, including Chris Pine, the long-hours it takes to finish just one episode and more!

Interview: Maggie Grace, Jenna Elfman and Coleman Domingo on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

"I feel very blessed to have gotten this opportunity to delve into this character." - Jenna Elfman

Interview: Daniel Wu, Nick Frost and Lorraine Toussaint Talk ‘Into the Badlands’

The three actors chat about the latest season, the incredible fight scenes and working with a fake baby.

Interview: Courtney Henggeler on ‘Cobra Kai’, Auditions and How She’s Managed to Have a Long Career

"I never thought I had any impressive career at all. I was just like, you know, just waiting for the next job." - Courtney Henggeler

Interview: Bella Dayne on Survival Jobs, Auditioning and Playing Helen of Troy in ‘Troy: Fall of a City”

"It's out of my hands. There's nothing I can do. I can just do my job as an actor.” - Bella Dayne on Auditions

Interview: Hera Hilmar on ‘An Ordinary Man’, Auditioning and Working with Sir Ben Kingsley

Hilmar chats about working with Kingsley, the research she did for the film, getting her start in Iceland and her time at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Interview: Goran Visnjic on ‘Timeless’, His Character and Moving the Show From Vancouver to LA

Visnjic talks about working with the cast, his character and the decision to move the show from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Interview: Malcolm Barrett on ‘Timeless’, His Character and Fan Reaction

Barrett talks about the growth his character makes this year, improvising dialogue and fan reaction to the show.

Interview: ‘Timeless’ Actors, Sakina Jaffrey & Paterson Joseph on the New Season and Their Characters

Two of the stars of NBC's Timeless, Denise Christopher and Paterson Joseph, were at WonderCon to talk about the new season and their characters.

Interview: Brittany Curran on Her Role in ‘The Magicians’, Auditions and Acting Dry Spells

"I've never lost that childish joy and excitement that I had in the beginning of my career. I think that's one of the only ways you can survive in this industry" - Brittany Curran

Interview: ‘A.P. Bio’ Stars Eddie Leavy and Sari Arambulo on Their Auditions and Working With Patton Oswalt and Glenn Howerton

“I think for us it was just such a profound learning experience seeing his process, seeing how he, you know, approached the material. He would do things differently every take, same with Patton.” – Eddie Leavy on working with Glenn Howerton Eddie Leavy and Sari Arambulo star in NBC’s new comedy, A.P. Bio, about a Harvard philosophy professor (Glenn Howerton) who reluctantly moves back to Ohio to work as a high school biology teacher. The show, which also stars Patton Oswalt, features a cast of up-and-coming young actors (including  Leavy and Arambulo) as honor roll students who make life difficult ... Read more

Interview: Michael Kelly on Memorizing Dialogue, Acting Advice and His New Film, ‘All Square’

"I always say to actors, if you don't get something, there's a reason. It's okay. It sucks in the moment. But it'll all work out man." - Michael Kelly

Interview: Jess Weixler on ‘Entanglement’, Juilliard and How Mediation Has Helped Her on Auditions

"When you film out of order, you just don't want to wait for lightning in a bottle for a scene to kind of find its feet." - Jess Weixler on why she works with an Acting Coach

Interview: Shawn Doyle Talks ‘Bellevue’, His First Day On-Set and One Crazy Audition

"The first day is always, 'What the hell am I doing here? Who am I kidding? They're gonna see. They're gonna fire me!'" - Shawn Doyle on Acting Jitters

Interview: Johnathan Fernandez on ‘Lethal Weapon’ and the Self-Taped Audition That Got Him the Role

"I'm learning a ton, and the character is evolving a bunch, and I feel like I learn something new every time I learn a new script." - Johnathan Fernandez on 'Lethal Weapon'

Interview: Anne Winters on ‘Mom and Dad,’ ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ and Selma Blair Audition Stories

"Anytime I get a chance to play something completely different, or do something that's so out of the ordinary, than I take that." - Anne Winters on Choosing Her Roles