Q&A: Adam Scott On ‘Friends With Kids’ and How He Still Feels Like ‘Guest Star’

Adam: "I can’t believe I get to be on TV sets and movie sets"

Adam Scott stars as Jason in Friends with Kids, a really wonderful new film about a pair of single best friends (Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt, who also directs) who, while not attracted to each other, decide to have a child together. The arrangement works perfectly for a while, but once he starts dating a Broadway dancer (Megan Fox), things begin to unravel.

The film also stars some of the best comic actors working today; Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jon Hamm and Chris O’Dowd and while there are definitely comedic moments, the film is definitely not an all-out comedic romp.

I joined in a quick Q & A with Adam, who also stars in one of my favorite TV shows, Parks and Recreation, where he talks about the film and how he still operates in ‘guest star’ mode.

Friends with Kids,  opens in limited release today

Adam, I read you mentioned somewhere that you were one of those friend couples that had the kids, were any of the couples in the film based on you guys?

Adam Scott: No, it wasn’t anyone specific and I’m not saying it was specifically based on me. I just know I’m one of the many couples in Jon and Jennifer’s life that had kids and in our particular case, we just dropped off completely because we got so busy and were overwhelmed by child rearing. We dropped off the face of the earth for 6 months. But no, I don’t believe I inspired any specific couple or character.

You’re used to the Television; “Party Down” and “Parks & Rec.” How was the set different or similar to the others?

Adam Scott: The set was similar in that it moves pretty quickly – we didn’t have much time to shoot it, just like on TV. With TV, we have about 5 days to make a whole episode and here, we had 25 days to make this whole movie. So it was very similar pace-wise with TV.

Do you enjoy making TV more than movies, or the other way around?

Adam Scott: I like them both. I watch more TV than anyone I know, so I love making TV, but the same goes for movies. They are becoming more and more similar as the years go by.

What was it about the script that most made you want to work on the film?

Adam Scott: I was really moved by it because I thought Jennifer really pinpointed what it’s like to have a kid and how it changes you. I was taken aback by it especially since Jen doesn’t have kids of her own, and I was surprised she really got what it feels like to have kids. It’s a great character, a great role, and I was really thrilled that they wanted me to do it. I wasn’t totally sure why, but was more than happy to oblige.

You once said you still felt like a guest star. Do you still feel the same way? If not, what has changed?

Adam Scott: I still kind of operate form that mentality. When I moved to Hollywood, I didn’t know anybody and so movies and TV was just something I grew up with, thinking it was another world. Even though it’s been 18 yrs, I still feel that way – I can’t believe I get to be on TV sets and movie sets – I really am excited and thankful that this is my job. Every time a job ends, I’m hoping it’s not my last.

You do mostly comedy — how was it to get a chance to show more emotional range with this part?

Adam Scott: Comedy, I’ve only been doing primarily for 4 or 5 years. Before that I was on a serious HBO show, so I was kind of able to do both. So it was a great opportunity to do Friends With Kids.

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