Luke Kirby on His Audition for Sarah Polley’s ‘Take This Waltz’

While Kirby shared that he was familiar with Polley after working with her on the movie Luck, landing the job wasn't easy.

luke kirby take this waltzActor Luke Kirby recently spoke with Interview Magazine about his recent  movie roles in both director Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz and the action thriller The Samaritan from David Weaver.  In Take This Waltz, Kirby plays the other man to Michelle Williams character in a story that follows a married woman who falls in love with her artist neighbor.  Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman also star.

While Kirby shared that he was familiar with Polley after working with her on the movie Luck, landing the job wasn’t easy.  “It wasn’t that simple. I read the script and then she and I met for breakfast and had a really nice time catching up. I auditioned, and she made it incredibly comfortable for me, it was a very fun experience, which, auditioning is not generally the most fun that one can have in a day. Of course, when she asked me to come on board I was thrilled, and kind of taken aback, just because of how much I respect her as a director and also the cast that she had put together was so impressive. I felt so honored to be asked to be a part of it.”

The former Slings and Arrows TV star also shared that auditioning for the role wasn’t as difficult as one might think.  “I didn’t find the experience [of] auditioning nerve-wracking, it was just playful, I guess because we did it at her house. A lot of the time those situations are sort of [in] intimidating foreign places. This just made it more of like a sense of a work-in-progress, so there was no thought about the end result, more like a couple hours of just trying stuff out. Really just play.”

Aside from his latest attachments, Take This Waltz and The Samaritan, a film that chronicles a man trying to outrun his troubled past, Kirby says he stays busy with other things in his life.  “I do get to do some theater occasionally. I don’t get to do it as much as I would like to. You try to fill your life with hobbies; [acting] is really so satisfying when you’re doing it, and definitely feeds your imagination and creativity to a great degree, but you can’t really take much away from it to show for it. I try to fill my time with other things.”

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