Jennifer Carpenter credits Laura Linney’s friendship for leading her to ‘Dexter’


Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter, who plays police detective Debra Morgan in the hit Showtime series, says she wouldn’t be part of the critically acclaimed drama if it wasn’t for Laura Linney.

“We did ‘The Crucible’ together [on Broadway], and after that, she was attached to ‘[The Exorcism of] Emily Rose.’ She’s the reason I got to audition for that,” she said. “Laura Linney is responsible for me getting The Exorcism of Emily Rose,’ which led to Dexter, so I owe her everything,” 

Carpenter also shared that “she’s still a very good friend.  I’m so grateful, not only for how she’s helped me navigate my career, but also for what a really beautiful person she is. “

via Zap2It

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