Sandra Bullock: Backstage Interview at the Oscar’s

"I've always been one of those people that I don't like when people tell me I can't do something." - Sandra Bullock

Q. I was wondering if you had any advice for students out there, acting students or just people who want to be in the entertainment industry who want to be in your shoes tonight

A. Well, don’t aspire to be in these shoes. You know, walk in your own. I mean everyone’s really good at telling everyone else how to live your life or how to be or how to do it. Just don’t listen. My mother beat it into our heads to be original, and I didn’t understand that until later on and just everyone’s unique and that’s what makes people exciting to watch, I think, so just savour what you are and not what everyone else wants you to be.

Q. So last time I asked you a question at the SAG Awards I suggested you were the favorite for the Oscars and you shushed me.

A. I’m going to shush you again.

Q. What does this mean to you and did you sort of think you were the favorite?

A. Are you joking? No. It’s as I said up on that stage, you know, I questioned did I win it or did I just wear everyone down? It’s if you hang in there the longest, it’s, you know you know, I didn’t aspire to this. I was in awe of it. I admired it. I got to watch it like everyone else did or present, but it wasn’t something that I said, One day when I get the Oscar.

I didn’t think it was something that was the opportunity would ever present itself for me to rise to that occasion. And I was okay with that and I was very happy working and this came out of left field, every pun intended. Sorry. I think everything’s going to be a metaphor tonight and I apologize. This is the film I said “no” to. If I thought this was going to be my, you know, golden ticket. It just was such odd circumstances and things came together in a way that I just didn’t see coming. No one saw coming. And I think that’s what makes it so overwhelming and unexpected. I look at the company I keep in this category and you can’t pick. There’s not one that rises above the others, and I love these women that I got to spend this time with so much for who they are. So I feel like I share it equally in five parts because we ladies need to stick together.

Q. And then this picture as well there’s a tie in there. I just want you to talk a little bit about what draws you to these projects that are youth oriented that are to do with

A. It’s not that I consciously draw I’m drawn to them. You know, we’re presented with the opportunities we’re presented with in this business, and you’re able to make some of your own opportunities. I didn’t it’s not conscious, but I think it makes a great inspirational story when you can see it work, when you see what someone can rise to the occasion and do. And you know, I’ve seen it happen day after day in New Orleans and that’s why I love that town so much, and it’s the people and the perseverance and the love of each other that makes that work. And I think that’s what works so well in stories like that. I love stories about passion and love. Love of country, love of people. Love of sport. It’s just it makes a good film. But I don’t think I’ve ever consciously been drawn to it. I just I just end up, I guess, maybe loving it the most.

Q. I just would love to hear the story about Clooney throwing you in a pool.

A. Yeah. See I could have taken that moment and gotten him back. There was also Tom Cruise involved in that as well, and I told them one day, in a very public forum, I would get them back, but George looked so tired tonight. I saw his little eyes and said, I can’t do it to him tonight. Yeah. It was you might want to ask George about that. See how much information he’ll give because it was funny to everyone else but me. It was actually really funny, but not at the time. Ask George. It’s George Clooney. It’s what George does well.

Q. I’ve already seen the film; I have to be honest. You have both an Oscar and a Razzie. How much are you enjoying the irony of that situation and what are you going to do with both awards?

A. They’re going to sit side by side, as they should. You know they’re both we’re in the entertainment business. That’s what we’re supposed to do. You know, it’s you take the good with the not so good. But I had the best time at the Razzies last night. It is what it is and, you know, it probably means more that both of them happened at the same time because it’s the great equalizer. You know, nothing ever let’s me get too full of myself. It quickly chops me off at the knees, and I like it that way because it just it keeps things stable and they’ll sit side by side in a nice little shelf somewhere, the Razzie maybe on a different shelf, lower.

Q. This might be a bit of a personal question, but you and your husband your husband whispered something in your ear after you your name was called and

A. You expect me to tell you that? I know, bless your heart for trying. I mean you got to ask.

Q. Well, the follow up is, what’s it like for him, to be able to make a tough guy like that cry on national television. He was tearing up right in front of

A. Did he cry? He doesn’t cry. He doesn’t cry. No.

Q. He

A. He’s right there. Don’t piss him off. He had something in his eye. It’s very dusty from the dance music. I’d never divulge what Jesse says unless he divulges it first. It’s between me and the man. This is like an auction. I feel like a baby grand.

Q. I want to know how you’re celebrating tonight? What’s the first thing you’ll do?

A. Food. I just want a burger and I just want some food. I want to sit down, take the shoes off. You know, we got some friends that are all meeting. I just want to eat. I want to eat and not sweat it and not worry the dress will bust open. I just want to relax and just eat. I’m sorry. That’s all I can give you. And I’d like a nap. I’d like a nap, too.

Q. Hi. Now that you’ve won the Oscar will you think twice about doing a more commercial fun film versus a

A. No.

Q. serious critically acclaimed film?

A. I want to do everything. I’ve always been one of those people that I don’t like when people tell me I can’t do something. Just because, you know, I did commercial films doesn’t mean I couldn’t do wonderful small art house films. Just because I won an Oscar, I don’t want to ever stop doing something that makes people laugh. I love making people laugh. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. I sort of wanted this to sort of all die down, but I’m going make mistakes and I’m going to make everyone roll their eyes and I’m going to maybe do something that works, but I just want to keep working in every genre that I’m allowed to until I’m asked to not do it anymore.


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