Frank Grillo on Acting: “The only rule is, don’t stop and don’t quit”


Actor Frank Grillo

Actor Frank Grillo has enjoyed a hot streak of success in recent years from starring in films like Warrior, The Grey, Zero Dark Thirty, The Purge series, and as Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, it took him nearly 20 years of much smaller roles on television until he landed major movie roles.

In an interview with KSDK out of St. Louis, Grillo reflected on achieving his biggest successes in film as he approached his fiftieth birthday. He shared the best advice he was ever given:

“There are no rules. You can be 5 or 85, and whatever you’re doing could come to fruition. You could be 30 and you haven’t done your first TV show, and there are no rules. There are only things in your head. The only rule is, don’t stop and don’t quit.”

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  1. So true! Actors, and many people in all fields put limits on themselves. The game and career is not over until it’s over. Which if you choose can continue until you die. There are no age limits on being an actor, only your own desire to quit, stop, or retire. If your 90, you are pefect for all parts that call for a 90 year old. We are real people, and real people roles are in all productions.

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