How Does ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey Get into Character for Cersei?

Lena Headey on how she gets into character for Cersei -- and she points to her wig as a critical gateway into the role.

As Game of Thrones fans impatiently await the final season of the beloved HBO show, the stars of the series are already reflecting on what has been, for many, a career-making series. One example is Lena Headey, who has played Cersei Lannister on the series since the first season.

Headey recently spoke with The Daily Beast about how she would get into character — and she points to her character’s wig as a critical gateway into the character.

Headey gives a lot of credit to her character’s wig as helping her develop the necessary anger to play Cersei. She explains, “That makes me very angry, so that helps when they put [the wig] on at 6 a.m. and I’m like, f**k. I do this thing before a take where I just have to have a little minute of getting to the place where I’m immersed in it myself, and I believe everything I’m about to say, because there’s nothing I find more uncomfortable as an audience than I don’t believe you. I have to buy into who she is, and that takes a little minute of reassessing everything and blocking out everything else.”

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