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Casting Director Bernie Telsey’s Audition Tips

“Auditions are like a blind date for the casting director and the actor. The audition starts the minute you walk in the room" - Casting Director Bernie Telsey

Casting Directors Sherry Thomas & Gohar Gazazyan Discuss Casting ‘Gotham’, Self-Taped Auditions and More

"We look for somebody who can elevate the material, which is very important when you’re looking at so many actors for a specific role."

Isidora Goreshter Remembers Her Audition for ‘Shameless’

Goreshter recently recalled that her audition for the 'Shameless' was by far her worst ever.

‘The Good Wife’ Casting Director Mark Saks on What He Looks For in Auditions and Mistakes Young Actors Make

Mark Saks, the casting director for 'The Good Wife', speaks about what he looks for in actors he casts for the show and mistakes he frequently sees at auditions, especially those made by young actors

Watch: A Conversation with Casting Directors Eyde Belasco (‘Transparent’) and Tracy Lilienfield (‘Grace and Frankie’)

Belasco and Lilienfield speak about the details behind casting decisions and also share anecdotes about casting the two series they are nominated for

Youth Talent Agents Increasingly Discovering Talent Digitally

Some top agents of young talent speak about how social media has revolutionized the way they discover new talent

‘Louie’ Casting Director Gayle Keller Talks Casting the FX Series

"It doesn’t have to be Broadway. It can be some little old dive theater in East Village or in Brooklyn" - Louie Casting Director Gayle Keller on finding actors

Scammer Uses Name of Well-Known Casting Director to Promote Fake Workshop

Would you pay $149 to attend a half-day way workshop with Debra Zane, the casting director of Twilight, Ocean’s Eleven, The Hunger Games, and American Beauty? Many actors would gladly attend the scheduled workshop at the University of Calgary on September 19. However, before you sign up, there’s just one hitch — Zane has no knowledge of the workshop. In fact, she probably has no plans to be in Canada anytime soon. According to CBC News, the recently-advertised workshop is a complete scam. Neither Zane nor the Actors Training Ground, the organization listed on the flyer, were aware of the ... Read more

Watch: Q&A with ‘Orange is the New Black’ Casting Director Jennifer Euston

Few casting directors are widely recognized for their efforts in shaping the direction of the television series or movies that they work on.

Interview: Gary Marsh on Breakdown Services, Why Actors Shouldn’t Get Them and Tips on Using Actors Access

“As an actor, you have competition and not just a couple people, hundreds. So, you better be damn true to who you are and what you can play” – Breakdown Services Gary Marsh   Actors Access, Eco Cast and Showfax are just a few of the businesses under the umbrella of Gary Marsh‘s Breakdown Services. And if you’re an actor, it’s a safe bet you’ve used one, if not all of them at some point in your career. Gary started out as an actor, so he knows what it’s like to be pounding the pavement and that’s been a lot ... Read more

How Social Media Is Affecting Hollywood Casting Decisions

To make it in Hollywood, you’d be mistaken for thinking that talent would be the main quality needed to secure you that leading role. Of course, we all know that other factors are taken into consideration too, such as looks, a great agent and, it would now seem, your social media presence. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine now playing an integral part of our everyday lives, an actor’s online following is becoming a major factor in deciding who lands a part. “There is no question that today if you have good numbers on social media, you have become a ... Read more

SXSW Casting Directors Panel: Why Acting Ability May Only Account for 7% of Why An Actor Lands a Role

While the South by Southwest Festival is known for its many film premieres, like many film festivals SXSW’s programming also includes industry panels. For actors, perhaps the most notable panel was one featuring casting directors describing what goes into making their decisions, from money paid to talent through the positives and negatives of discovering new talent on the Internet. The panel featured four prominent casting directors — Christian Kaplan from Fox, Joseph Middleton from Paramount, Paul Weber from Weber Casting, and Randi Hiller from Disney. Surprisingly, Middleton told an indie filmmaker in the audience who was working on a film ... Read more

Casting Director Jen Rudin Talks Online Content, Agents and What Actors Need to be Realistic About

"Focus, don’t stretch yourself too thin, and be realistic about the roles you are right for" - Casting Director Jen Rudin

Casting Director Ellen Lewis on Finding the Right Actors and Working with Martin Scorsese

“There are so many cooks involved now in decisions and it can dilute the creative process” – Casting Director Ellen Lewis on the new realities of casting   Ellen Lewis is not a name familiar to even the most dedicated moviegoers, but chances are at least a few projects she has worked on are among your favorite films or televisions shows. Lewis has worked in casting since 1982, and has worked closely with Martin Scorsese with casting ever since 1989’s New York Stories. Movies and television shows she has cast have gone on to win Oscars and Emmys, so even ... Read more

Interview: Casting Director Robert Ulrich on Discovering Unknown Actors, Tips on Self-Taping Auditions and More!

"Even if I know the character well, I pre-read fifty people or at least a great deal of people, sometimes even for a one line role" - Casting Director Robert Ulrich

Interview: Talent Manager/Producer Geoffrey Soffer on Finding Actors, Self-Taping Audition Tips and More!

Geoffrey Soffer talks about his transition to talent mangement/producing, discovering new talent and what to avoid when doing a self tape audition

Casting Directors Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee on Chadwick Boseman, Discovering Jennifer Lawrence and Helping Actors Realize Their Dreams

There are tons of articles out there for actors learn effective ways to crack into the entertainment business, but other jobs in the industry are a well-kept secret. Now, two casting directors are offering their advice to learn their trade. Paul Schnee and Kerry Barden, who cast the James Brown biopic Get On Up, give some insider tricks to the casting business. Barden advised that it is important to understand actors. “Most of the people in my office started from acting so we have a good idea of what actors are going through,” he said. The duo had to cast ... Read more

‘The Walking Dead’ Casting Director Sharon Bialy Reveals the Secrets to Casting the AMC Show

The Walking Dead has changed things up a bit this season. The cast finally has the needed diversity it was missing from the first four seasons. Casting director Sharon Bialy shared her thoughts on the hit zombie show. Bialy dished about what goes on behind the scenes, “Everybody reads on The Walking Dead. This way the writers can see what they bring to the audition and start to think about how they want to write for that character later on, ’cause they’ve already heard the voice in their head and how they handle the language. It really illuminates the role ... Read more

Advice for Actors from a Former Agency Intern

A recent “Ask Me Anything” chat on Reddit offered up some surprisingly good advice for actors. An anonymous former intern at a talent agency and producer’s office gave some insight on pilot season and how an agency works during that time. A participant in the chat asked, “When you were at the agency were they taking on new talent? If so how did they usually find them? What got the agents excited about actors?” “Izzypepper”, the former intern’s Reddit moniker, revealed that the agency was not looking for new talent during pilot season, but they were “aggressively shopping” their current roster during ... Read more

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Casting Director on Not Casting Stars and Why There Should be a Best Casting Oscar

Orange Is the New Black and Girls are award-winning shows and they have two important things in common: neither show was built around a particularly big acting name, and both of the shows were cast by Jen Euston. Euston has worked in casting since working as a casting assistant on Law & Order in 1997 and has cast film and television projects throughout her career. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Euston spoke about why she prefers not to cast stars and why she thinks there should be an Oscar category for Best Casting. Euston confesses that she prefers to work ... Read more