NBA Star Blows Off ‘The Good Wife’ Shoot, Blames Producers For Twisting The Story

The Good Wife vs Derrick Rose
Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose who had agreed to shoot a scene on the CBS show, The Good Wife, didn’t bother to show up on the set yesterday.

When a driver came to pick Rose up for his flight to New York, he opened the door and said he wasn’t going. He didn’t provide any other explanation.

Until this morning when ESPN caught up with him.

“I overslept,” he said “It’s nothing big or anything like that that I thought of. You can ask anybody that I worked with: Was I a problem on set or did I have a problem showing up? I always showed up early. I’m sorry I missed it. That’s not my character where I ‘big time’ that type of show.”

He goes on: “If anything, I would love to be on that show. But I overslept, and they put a whole ‘nother twist in the story that they heard they were ringing the bell, or somebody came out and said [I] wasn’t going in a disrespectful way but it wasn’t [anything] like that.”

“By the time I woke up, it was 10 o’clock [in the morning]. If I would have went there and came back it would have been 10 o’clock [at night] coming back here. I missed [the show], but I thought it wasn’t nothing big like that. I thought that [the producers] would understand … that’s not in my character at all [to do something like that].”

Now he’s mad that the story is all over the place.

“I should have known something was going to come out of it. But if anything, people know I’m not that kind of person, so I know it’s nothing big,” he said.

And now the New York post is saying that it disrupted the days shooting schedule.

“This was very frustrating for the show’s cast and crew because the production had been set, the script had been written, and actors including Josh Charles were on standby for him,” a source told the paper.

And guess what? Rose said he still wants to appear on the show… or any other show.

“If the timing’s right, it would be perfect. But if it’s a little off … I’m sorry that I missed it, but hopefully I get another chance.”

Damn…this makes me mad.


  1. Rita Florenz

    November 4, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Ask this LOSER how it would be if one of his teammates “overslept” and missed a game!! Or better yet, would he still have his job if HE overslept and missed a game?? “No big deal”?????? I don’t think so! Grow up!! And have some respect. Really??

  2. Lance Carter

    November 5, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    He’s just a self-centered jackass. The world revolves around him…you didn’t know that? 🙂

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